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WidowPC Dreams Big and in SLI
SLI laptops are a big step forward for gaming laptops.  Gaming laptops have traditionally lagged behind gaming desktops in power.  Obviously, in order for gaming laptops to have the same gaming power at a LAN party as a gaming desktop, the laptop must have a fast AMD CPU, 7800 graphics in SLI and a responsive LCD display.

Purchase the WidowPC Sting 919 SLI Laptop here.

Somehow the word has gotten out that WidowPC is developing SLI laptops with 19" fast response displays. The rumors are true. It's hard to keep the lid on something this big. Now, we're finally allowed to release some information.  This is pretty general data, but it's all we're allowed to release at this time. The SLI laptops are still in development and we don't want to release specific info about the laptops components and then have to change it due to development issues. As we are allowed to release more information, we'll update this page.  Enjoy!

The WidowPC SLI Laptop - The Sting 919

In dreaming up this laptop, we wanted the highest performance features of a desktop included.  So, we made a wish list of everything we wanted in this dream machine as follows:

  • A AMD CPU For Laptops

Laptops are thinner and have less room for cooling.  So, we want an AMD CPU, built for cool, fast performance.  The last thing we want in the middle of LAN party is over heating. More news on the socket type and specific CPUs supported will be forthcoming.

  • A Dual GPU, PCI Express Laptop

Video cards have a major impact on performance.  Desktops have the Nvidia 7800 in SLI.  It's a must have in gaming laptops in order to compete. PCI-Express goes hand-in-hand with Nvidia's SLI due to the increased bus bandwidth.  Another "must have." Obviously, the power requirements for this setup are demanding. We'll be releasing more details on how this is possible in the near future.

  • A 19" Laptop

Display real estate at high resolution is precious.  A 19" screen has become the desktop standard for gaming, photos and video editing. The 19" screen will add some weight to the total package.  However, the goal here is for a SLI laptop that competes at the same level as a gaming desktop.  A 19" display is another must have.

Other Issues We've Kept In Mind
We like to assure our fans that we are keeping focused on the basics.  The SLI laptop final product should continue to be sufficiently portable that it's a mobility advantage over a desktop (even a small one like a mini-ATX, Shuttle style desktop).  As we mentioned above, the cooling has to be first rate.  We don't want the cooling to be an issue at all.

Purchase the WidowPC Sting 919 SLI Laptop here.

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