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517M right ports

517M rear ports

517M left ports

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- PC GAMER Editor's Choice Award
Congrats to the whole WidowPC team for winning PC Gamer Editors' Choice award (April, 2006)!
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- LAPTOP Magazine Editor's Choice Award
Congrats to the whole WidowPC team for winning LAPTOP Magazine Editors' Choice award (March, 2006)!
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- Computer Gaming World Editor's Choice Award
Congrats to the whole WidowPC team for winning Computer Gaming World Editors' Choice award (March, 2005)!
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Standard Accessories:
- Now featuring the Intel Core2Duo, the most powerful laptop processor in existence!
- Microsoft Windows Operating System with CD and Manual
- Laptop Owner's Manual
- Deluxe Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap
- Full Range Auto-Switching 100V/240V AC Adapter
Standard Included Features:
- 4-IN-1 Card Reader
- Built-in Digital Video Camera
- Software: InterVideo WinDVD Cinema, Nero DVD Burner, Nero Media Player, Nero PhotoShow Express, Nero Toolkit, NeroVision Express 2 SE, Realtek Sound Manager, CMM Video Capture, IEEE 802.11 Wireless Network Management, InterActual Player, WinZip, McAfee VirusScan 90 day Introductory Offer

Fastest Assembly and Shipping in the Industry

On average it takes us about three to ten business days to assemble your custom made laptop. That is the fastest standard assembly time any where in the world for a made to order laptop.

Priority Rush, Elite Courier Service*
If you absolutely must have your laptop delivered lightning fast, we have an elite, premium service through which we ship within 72 hours and send the laptop to your address via UPS Overnight. That means you order the laptop today and receive it before 10am two days later. To select this option, simply give our super-friendly sales staff a call at 800-851-7502 x701.
*- Only available within the continental U.S.

Fully Upgradeable Gaming Laptop

In addition to being an incredibly fast gaming laptop, the Sting 517D is also one of the most upgradeable gaming laptops currently on the market. Everything on the laptop excluding the motherboard and chipset is able to be upgraded with ease. Special underside access panels allow the memory, video card and battery to upgraded more easily than a desktop. The hard drives and optical drives snap in and out like Legos. Even the processor is upgradeable. So, say good riddance to the days when the only way to upgrade your laptop was to buy a new one.

Cutting Edge Media Drives

With a 4-in-1 Media Card Reader, the Sting 517 gaming laptop supports more types of media than most any other laptop. The media card reader supports memory cards like the ones that go in your digital camera in addition to the standard 3.5" USB floppy drive.

An Army of High Speed Ports

  • 517M right 

ports1 IEEE 1394 FireWire Ports (Mini DC in Jack)
  • Fast Infrared (FIR), IrDA 1.1 Compliant, Support 4M Bit FIR
  • 4 USB 2.0 Ports (2 on right side and 2 on back side)
  • 1 Serial Port
  • 1 54mm Express Slot
  • 1 External Keyboard/Mouse Port
  • 1 Digital Video (DVI) Output Port
  • 1 Kensington Lock Port
  • 1 S-Video Jack for Video-in
  • 1 S-Video Jack for TV Output
  • 4 Audio Jacks for Line-Out (right side), Microphone-In (right side), and S/PDIF-Out (back)
  • Built-in 56K V90 Fax/Modem and 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet LAN Card

  • 517M rear ports

PCI-Express Graphics

pci-expressThe first gaming laptop to feature the PCI-Express bus architecture, the Sting 517D is able to blow games away with the latest graphics technology. PCI-Express system bus technology allows for increased bus bandwidth required for 3D games, 3D graphics development, high-definition video and other high performance, graphics intensive applications.

Intel™ High Definition Sound



audio for gamersIntel HD Audio delivers an outstanding audio experience for gamers with significant improvements over previous generation integrated audio and sound cards. Intel HD Audio hardware is capable of delivering the support and sound quality for up to eight channels at 192 kHz/32-bit quality. Dolby Laboratories selected Intel™ HD Audio to bring Dolby-quality surround sound technologies to the PC, as part of their recently announced PC Logo Program. The combination of these technologies marks an important milestone in delivering quality digital audio.

Miscellaneous Info

Dimensions: 15.6"(W) x 11.5"(D) x 1.8"(H)
Weight: 8.3 lbs. with Battery
Warranty: One year parts and labor warranty upgradeable to two or three years
Tech Support: Life time, toll-free support with the same people who built it (not out-sourced)


17 Inch Wide-Screen

Available in WUXGA 1900 x 1200 ClearView and WSXGA+ 1680 x 1050 ClearView resolutions, the WidowPC Sting 517 gaming laptop once again beats the other gaming laptop companies to the punch with higher resolution, breathtaking visual real estate. WidowPC ClearView technology increases detail through a higher resolution than ever before accomplished in a gaming laptop. This is perfect for greater range of view in 3D games as well as digital content creation. It's also just cool! Who can say no to a huge, ultra high resolution, extra bright, crystal clear LCD display?
[Configurable from WUXGA ClearView to WSXGA+ GlassView]

Super Fast DDR2 Memory



WidowPC uses only the fastest RAM brands in our gaming laptops: Crucial, Kingston, Apacer, Mushkin or our own L33T brand matched-pair memory. This significantly increases performance over the generic ram our competitors use, as well as greatly decreasing the probability of RAM failure. When choosing RAM, always stick with a high quality brand. It saves money in the long term and significantly increases performance.
[Configurable from 512 MB to 2 GB]

Revolutionary Serial ATA 150 Hard Drive Technology

SATA laptop 

hard driveThe Sting 517D gaming laptop now supports SATA-150 hard drive technology. Rated as among the fastest hard drives in the world, Hitachi and Seagate SATA hard drives support a blazing transfer rate of 150 MBps while ATA drives support a comparably slower rate of 100 MBps. Additionally, eventually SATA hard drives will reach transfer rates of 300 MBps and maybe even 600 MBps and you'll be able to upgrade to those insanely fast drives using the same chassis.

The SATA interface makes it possible to support native command queuing, another first in the notebook market. Command queuing adds a nice performance boost to the hard drive because it allows for concurrent, multiple requests to the device. To boil this technical topic down to the nuts and bolts -- these are the fastest hard drives for the elite hardware and gaming enthusiast.
[Choose your hard drive or hard drives here]

Good Battery Life on a Gaming Laptop

Consistent, clean power is one of the most essential elements in a high performance gaming laptop. Until now, combining long battery life and a fast gaming laptop seemed impossible. However, now the Sting 517D introduces long battery life to mobile gamers every where. The Sting 517D battery generally lasts over 1 1/2 hours which is the longest lasting battery for a 17" Core2Duo gaming laptop we've ever heard of.
[Add an additional battery while you customize your laptop]

Cutting Edge Video Performance

nvidia 7800 Go 256MBThis gaming laptop powerhouse sports up to the nVidia GeForce 7950 GTX 512MB graphics card, making use of the x16 PCI Express bus architecture and next generation DDR3 dedicated video memory. DDR3 memory is a big performance leap ahead of the DDR2 RAM used by many of our competitors. Chips based on the DDR3 standard can run at speeds up to 800 MHz and deliver data rates of up to 1.6 gigabits per second. This makes for much faster games and less "rubber banding" and less client side lag in MMOs like World of Warcraft and EverQuest 2.
[Customize your laptop now]

Deluxe Carrying Cases


carrying caselaptop backpackThe WidowPC Sting 517D comes with a free deluxe carrying case (black, with shoulder strap and handle). It includes a document pouch inside the main compartment, thick padding to protect your pristine hardware from bumps and scratches and an outer compartment for your mouse, AC adapter, etc.
[Customize your carrying case now]

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