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Alienware Laptops: The Truth
(An Archive of Google Answers)

Computer Gaming PC Remarks:  This may be upsetting to some of you who have paid $3,000+ for an Alienware laptop.  This article essentially explains what and Widow PC are about.  We're out to expose Alienware as a marketing machine (not a gaming machine).  By this we mean, if you buy an Alienware you are buying marketing and fluff.  If it's the performance you want, you can get the same or better hardware for around $1,000 less at (also known as  It's not just us talking about this.  You can learn more about this below:

From Google Answers:


I am considering purchasing a laptop computer from the high performance computer company "Alienware". The laptop I am considering is at this site:

After a little research on the internet, I have read some rumors that alienware does not make thier own laptops, but purchases them from a company called "Clevo". "Clevo" supposedly sells their laptops to both Alienware and Sager.

Alienware sells the laptop for about $2600. So my question is, is this rumor true? Can I find somewhere else to purchase the same laptop at, without the Alienware name brand at perhaps a cheaper price? Thanks!  [ editor's note: Our estimates and market contacts estimate that Alienware buys these laptops for under $1,000].


Yes, it's true that many laptop vendors sell rebranded laptops that are purchased from other manufacturers.  While researching this question, I found a number of references that suggest that the Clevo manufactures laptops that are sold by Sager, Alienware, and others.  The following Usenet newsgroup discussion thread (as indexed from Google Groups) is particularly relevant:

You can see from the postings that not only is it general knowledge that Clevo manufactures these laptops, but that Clevo models are rebranded and sold by a number of companies.  In your case, the Alienware Area 51-M is the same as the Sager 5660 (both of which are rebranded Clevo models).

Clevo's website can be found here:

On their home page, near the bottom, you can see that they even link to a MaximumPC article reviewing the Alienware Area 51-M system. (Alienware sells other Clevo models too.)

The Usenet posting above includes a number of leads for vendors of Clevo laptops.  You might also want to check ProStar, another Clevo reseller.

So, to sum up, the answer is YES, Alienware's Area 51-M is actually manufactured by Clevo, and YES, you can find vendors selling essentially the same laptops for quite a bit cheaper.

I hope this fully answers your question.  Should you have any questions about any of the above, please don't hesitate to post a Request for Clarification prior to rating.


I also performed similar searches with the Google search engine to find reviews and manufacturer websites.

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